How To Enjoy 2021 and Beyond: Sexual Acts to Avoid

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How To Enjoy 2021 and Beyond: Sexual Acts to Avoid

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How To Enjoy 2021 and Beyond: Sexual Acts to Avoid: The Year 2021 has kicked off, many want to enjoy the newness of life and mind, there are thing one can do to enjoy 2021

Not only will one be blessed by the Most High God (MHG), but will be free from all sexual related diseases

Enjoying the newness of life must first come from the fact that, John 3:16 is duly observed, that is accepting JESUS CHRIST as your laord and savior, then keeping in mind the intent of his words- (practicalising his words)

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To enjoy the newness of life in 2021, means, one wants to be friends with God and working with him till the end of life

To be God’s friend, is to be a candidate of Heaven, and a candidate of heaven means, all sins especially, sexual sins must not come nigh thee

God has warned us redaring the Sexual Immorality, all those who engage in it will and cannot be God’s friend

“The Will of God for sex is that all forms of sexual pleasures should be shared only between a married husband and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved.

Anyone that will obey God’s commands can be sure of living a lifestyle that is devoid of the fatal pangs and pains associated with sexual immorality”-

These Sexaul acts can rub you of heaven if not contained, as the BIBLE tells us in Romans 1: 27-31

Flee from the following Sexual SINS

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Premarital Sex –Fornication: This is now a norm in the society we live, many young minds indulge in it, for as many that do such will not prosper according to the Holy BIBLE. Fleeing from premarital sex is a sure way of defining ones self and projecting God’s love in our lives

Extramarital Sex-Where married couple become unfaithful with their partners, God is saying, to enjoy the goodness in has to his children, there should be no extramarital sex

Married men and women are to remain in the love of Christ by being faithful to one another. Doing this will not only bring the blessings of God to homes but will ensure that, the catapillar (diseases) are far from your homes  

Pornography– Watching Nudes of both men and women is never the best way to enter or enjoy 2021, porn will destroy not just your mind, but your freedom and self esteem

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Homosexuality: According to the Romans 1:27 -31, same sex- men and men, women and women sex is not ideal and should be frawned at. Homosexuality is gradually becoming a norm in our very own eyes. God is saying, we must flee from this.

Lesbianism (which is between females) and gayism (which is between males) are dirty and an abomination that should be hated. If you are doing this, call upon the Name of the LORD Jesus for deliverance, and He will surely save you.

Masturbation: The spirit of the last days is telling us to desist from the activities of the devil including masturbation, not only will it damage your body, soul and spirit, it completely ruin your mind and makes your drive for sins more  

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