How To Correct Low Self-Esteem: Strategies To Control It 

How To Correct Low Self-Esteem: Strategies To Control It: Low self-esteem is a situation where an individual feels unworthy, unaccepted, or inadequate. Here, we will look at five ways one can overcome low self-esteem. But before this, we will have to consider the factors that bring about this situation. 

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Bullying: the term bullying may sound as though it’s a high school gimmick, however, this is not the case. 

People are been bullied in so many areas and phases of life. In high school, older students look down at the younger ones, maybe because of their small stature and structure. Hence they feel the need to capitalize on this physical weakness. 

At times some students are mature in physical stature but mentally shy, these are also prone to bullies. In our places of work, some bosses will override their subordinates and put them into a cowardly position.


In the sports arena, some sportsmen feel intimidated by others, maybe due to their high performances. They are driven into a position where they feel inadequate. 

Torture: people who pass through severe torture are also candidates of low self-esteem. This wicked act usually prevails on the nerves and mental functioning of individuals. Torturing takes place at home, among peer groups, security units. 

Long-suffering: when one has gone through life most difficultly, that person tends to have low self-esteem and usually feels not worthy. It takes a lot of work on self to believe for such to overcome these shortcomings.

Nevertheless, low self-esteem can be controlled in the following ways;

Build self-confidence: confidence in one’s self will go a long way in overcoming low self-esteem. We can build this confidence in ourselves by self-assurance, assuring ourselves that we are goodwill build much-needed confidence in ourselves. 

Believe in your good morals; some tend to think of this as self-praise. However it isn’t necessarily so, it just an act of self-confidence and assurance in one’s self.

Participate in teamwork: one other way to curb this ‘worm’ is by participating in group work. This will go a long well to boost your self-esteem and give you the strength to face other people.  

With Friendly faces around you, and active participation in project work you will be assured of over it. There is a saying that ‘there is dignity in labor,’ even more so there is a feeling of self-satisfaction when a particular project is handled and accomplished.

Happiness: create happiness for yourself. Happiness is a state of mind of an individual, hence if you are not happy with yourself, then you tend to lapse into low self-esteem. 

Happiness in itself can be acquired by one through been with family and friends, caregiving to less privileged, fun-filled activities. These are various ways of acquiring happiness. Therefore, better self-esteem.

Love: people suffering from low self-esteem should be surrounded by lovely people. People who can give out lovely care and encouragement will help those suffering from this condition. For love is enduring, patient, kind, tolerant, and compassionate. 

Assertiveness: being assertive, is speaking out for yourself. Not letting people put you down. If you practice this act continuing, with time bullies will also leave you alone. This is an A+ move in building your self-esteem.

Good looks: good looks here might sound as though one needs to be handsome or born with beauty. No! Good looks as connotes here are about dressing and a positive mindset. When you dress well, people accord you respect. 

A managing director of a company can greet you on the street and bow. This positive outlook also helps in developing a positive mindset. And positive mindsets in turn develop good self-esteem.

Reading Motivational books: there are quite many books that will go a long way to improve the self-esteem of a person. Hence it will be good if one indulges him/herself with a good book. The culture of reading could give a high level of self-importance.

COUNSELLING: Seeking help from a psychiatrist is not such a bad move entirely. One might feel counselors are for people with mental problems alone. 

Contrary to that, these professionals understand human feelings and will find a way to help out wherever and however the given situation you find yourself. It’s said; any problem half shared is half solved. 

Moreover, these are trained professionals on human-related issues. Their services are given at a low cost.

 Finally; making yourself productive will also help to improve your self-worth and confidence. If your finances are bad then you need to make effort towards improving them. 

More money you have in your account has a way of improving your self-worth. You need to cut yourself some slicks, don’t allow the hustles and buzzes of life to weigh down on your person. Life itself is too short for us to become pence up over everything.


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