Home-Grown School Feeding: We Feed Pupils With 2 Loaves Of Bread, One Fowl, Per Term

HGSF: We Feed Pupils With 2 Loaves Of Bread, One Fowl, Per Term: The Home-Grown School Feeding program established by the Federal Government to oversee the feeding of pupils at public schools has suffered another setback from Cross-River State

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Vendors serving food to pupils have voiced their plight regarding the program, while the food given to pupils is not enough to go round, feeding the large numbers of students per school, any complaint from vendors is accompanied by dismissal from the program

The Plight of Rosemary Jimmy-A Food Vendor

“We receive two loaves of bread, one live chicken, one crate of egg and 50 sachets of tombrown to feed 70 children in a term”

“You can imagine being given two loaves of bread, one chicken, one crate of egg, fifty sachets of tombrown to feed seventy pupils for one term,”

“Last term, we were paid just once and this term nothing has been paid us and no food supply.


“The term is fast running out; while our counterparts in Akwa Ibom have since been paid their complete sum to feed the kids we are still waiting and nobody”

Romanus Eteng-Another Food Vendor Share his ordeal

“My conscience pricks me that I cannot live up to the expectation of the pupils. The daily look forward to the little ration promised them but that is not to be while officials are busy buying exotic cars and building mansions with the funds meant to provide the kids little rations while in school,”

“We are just watchers. We as teachers and parents do not have any say because nobody made us supervisors or inspectors to oversee what the vendors serve the pupils or why they have stopped,”



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