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Foreign Education: Top Five (5) Countries Suitable for Nigerians: It is no doubt, a sizable portion of Nigerians seek foreign education. The rate at which Nigerians traveled out to get Foreign/Western education has doubled within a decade. The National Bureau of Statistic Put the number of Nigerians studying abroad as “above a million” in 20019.

Both the rich, middle class and even the poor have the urge to get a foreign certificate. There are many Nigerians currently studying in different part of the world, the quest for knowledge is a journey many wants to explore

In a country where the standard of education at the higher level still struggle to hold ground, many are forced to get a foreign education to indemnify and leverage on what is left in the country


The Western Universities are the top destinations where many of Nigerians study. In the article, Myeduproject will explain some top best nations, suitable for Nigerians regarding foreign education

There exist a platoral of articles regarding this subject, but this article seeks to bridge the gap of the six best and ideal Western countries suitable for Nigerians willing to get foreign education. This information will help Nigerians who want to travel abroad, to get the best foreign countries for Education

Great Britain-England, Irland, Scotland & Wales

The Great Britain also called the United Kingdom is a suitable, located in Europe, the United Kingdom is one of the most developed nations on earth. The United Kingdom was ones a colonial master to Nigeria, not only is Nigeria an allied to this great country but speak the same language-English  


All the Universities in Britain were ones a top notch destination for Nigerians, till today, the United Kingdom is a leading destination regarding foreign education for Nigerians


Located in North America, Canada Universities has been a leading destination for many Nigerians, their Universities provide avenue for foreigners to learn alongside citizens with no discrimination based on race, color or religion

Canada also use English as one of her languages, many Nigerians are currently studying in Canada, at appoint, the Canadian Government open her country for who wish to add value to come

The United State of America

Nigerians in large numbers have made the US as a base in acquiring technological education, the country has flexible and tolerance system of education for foreigners

American Universities most use English in communication, making it attractive to Nigerians

North Cyprus-Greece

The Small Island nation has attracted many Nigerians because of her friendly policies and educational facilities. With affordable and well equipped universities, Cyprus is now a leading destination for many young Nigerians

With a serene and beautiful Island, Cyprus is peaceful and tolerant to blacks. Her educational policies and programmes favors Nigerians better than Asian, South America and others


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