FMARD N15B Fertilizer Subsidy Grant 2021-New Update To Farmers

The Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will in no distance time, starts disbursing funds to AFJP farmers

Apparently, over N15Billion is set aside to help small farmers actualize their dreams in a quest to feed the nation and to create jobs for the unemployed

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Over the weekend, FMARD embarked on a massive funds disbursement to enumerators who participated in the wet season across the country, the fertilizer grant will be next in a shortest possible time

This statement was made by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in appeal to the promised fertilizer subsidy program embarked on small farmers

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“These beneficiary farmers have been enumerated in the database of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with State Agricultural Development Project (ADP) staff, under the Economic Sustainability Plan, and Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP).


“The disbursement will be in batches, starting with Batch A, covering 1,209,143 farmers, with a total subsidy of N6, 154,802,000. This will enable the farmer to source fertilizer in the open market.


  1. FMARD, are yet to begin the disburstment uptil now, you are saying, over the weekend the have begin massive disburstment, Is not true, even batch b farmers are yet to received alert, what a pitty? please try and motivate us and pay us, I beg u, we are tired and hungry, God blessed you.


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