Fire Didn’t Destroy Any Record at OAGF- Minister of state for budget

  • No Vital NSIP Documents Burnt as Fire Engulfed OAGF
  • No casualty
  • The operation of the office is fully computerized
  • All transactions are saved online with back up outside the office.
  •  Not a single essential data was be lost to the fire

Fire Didn’t Destroy Any Record at OAGF- Minister of state for budget: Clem Agba, minister of state for budget and planning, says the fire that gutted the office of the accountant-general of the federation (AGF) did not destroy any record.

Officials of the Federal Fire Service and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) were able to put out the fire after about an hour later.

Many had alleged that the fire was an attempt to cover up wrongdoing by the federal government.

Clem Agba was speaking with the members of the press after a shot visit to the scene of the fire, in his correct words, all transactions and records are well kept

He blamed spark in one of the air conditioners (AC) at the 4th floor as the course of the fire, the members of the Nigerian fire Service did a good job by putting off the fire on time

The precise words of Clem Agba, Minister of state for budget and planning

 “We have gone round the rooms and offices where the fire affected, and I am glad to report that our data Centre where all our records are kept are fully intact,” he said.

“There is no destruction, so we haven’t lost any record. As a government I want to assure you that our records are intact, a few documents are burnt, we haven’t started recovery to check what actually burnt, but all our financial transactions are intact.


“We would be doing a full scale investigation using the right professionals to determine exactly what happened.”

Also speaking, Ahmed Idris, AGF, said there would be a “thorough” investigation of the incident.

“For emphasis, our data Centre is intact, no harm in any way except for the cooling system which we are now working hard to put back to operation,” Idris said.

Those of you insinuating that the fire was deliberate obviously lack knowledge of how far we’ve gone in Nigeria.


Gone are the days when people steal money and then burn down the building to destroy records. Financial records can no longer be destroyed by merely burning a building. All transactions are now done through TSA, GIFMIS, REMITA and IPPIS. Federal government transactions are fully saved online and backed up at different locations. Essential records can never be lost to the fire.

Again, those insinuating that Covid-19 donations would be lost to the fire are very ignorant. All donations at federal level are paid directly into a CBN controlled account. All records are with CBN and not OAGF.

Nobody can steal Covid-19 donations by burning OAGF building, see



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