FG to Employ 774,000 youths Across 774 LGA -Dailytimes

774,000 youths will be employed in the next six months-FG

FG to Employ 774,000 youths Across 774 LGA -Dailytimes: Federal government has stated that 774,000 youths will be employed under the newly introduced Buhari Young Farmers Network (BYFN) through the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) in the next six months.

“The scheme is part of the three-prone federal government efforts at ensuring a post-Covid-19 national food security. Other projects are Back to Farm and Providing farm inputs.

“The Executive Secretary of the just revived NALDA, Prince Paul Ikonne who disclosed this on Monday in Abuja said the young farmers will be drawn from the 774 Local Governments in the country, with a pilot number of 100 per local Government”

“According to the Nation, under the “Back To Farm” project , the authority would encourage everyone to go back to farm by reaching out to various institutions in the country such as the military and paramilitary organizations, NASS members, civil and public servants, journalists, corporate bodies, religious organizations and individuals.”

The Executuve Secretary said the choice of the institutions for the project was informed by the availability of land by the institutions that could be effectively used for farming.

“These organizations mentioned and some individuals have land that are not being put to use, so we intend to encourage them to use these lands for farming even if it is for personal consumption,” he disclosed.


FG to Employ 774,000 youths Across 774 LGA -Dailytimes

Ikonne said the Buhari Young Famers Network is inject the youth into Nigerian farming business across the nation in different farming activities ranging from crop farming to animal husbandry”

“According to NLADA Executive Secretary, the authority will partner with the 36 State Governors for the provision or donation of land that will create employment for the young farmers and ensure adequate food production”

“The Buhari Young Farmers Network, we intend to have 77,400 young farmers injected into Nigerian farming business across the nation in different farming activities ranging from crop farming to animal husbandry”.

“These young farmers will be drawn from the 774 Local Governments, with a pilot number of 100 per local Government. In this initiative we will partner with Governors for provision or donation of land and other stakeholders as this will create employment and food production will be increased”.


“He also said that NALDA will provide improved seeds, fertilizers, machinery, environmentally friendly crop protection agents, growth enhancers and trainings which will be given to already existing farmers and this will assist them during this farming season in order to improve their yield”

“These 3 programs are our starting point in order to meet the immediate mandate of Mr. President for providing food for all and we intend to achieve this within the next 6 months,” the Executive Secretary stated.

Source: https://dailytimes.ng/774000-youths-will-be-employed-in-the-next-six-months-fg/?

400,000 Volunteers to be Recruited, Portal to Open Soon

All is set to bring new Npower volunteers into the programme, a Social Investment programme that was established to reduce the high unemployment rate in the country

There are currently close to 500,000 in the npower programme, serving in different segments and categories in Places of Primary Assignment (PPA)

The programme will boast of 1 MILLION volunteers when 400,000 nemerical strength is added to it, making it the largest in Africa, and an accolade to the Buhari administration

Last month, the Hon. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Umar Saidya Farouq, disclosed plans to welcome 400,000 volunteers

In her precise words, “We are working hard to streamline the programme for greater efficiency and to provide opportunities for more Nigerian youths. We will recruit 400,000 volunteers by June

 According to Punch Newspaper, “The minister said, Batch A beneficiaries were denying other Nigerians an opportunity to access the programme and gain skills for entrepreneurship and employment”

“Apparently, batch A have overstayed their welcome, enjoyed more grace of being paid stipends, with devices”

“But more Nigerian youths need to be onboarded to alleviate poverty at large, in line with the president vision of lifting 100 million people out of poverty by creating opportunities to enhance the productivity of the Nigerian youth”

A look at the npower website, shows major changes have taken place, set to receive applications when the registration hits the ground running 

Umar Saidya Farouq, the Social Development Minister will make a pronouncement in respect to this very soon

Our page has been overwhelmed by applicants, asking questions relating to npower, questions like:

When will Npower form be out?

When will 2020 Npower registration starts?

What are the requirements for Npower registration?

Will npower distributes devices to volunteers?

Why the delay in Npower Stipends?

Lawmakers to Give Legal Backings to Npower & NSIP-Dailytrust

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, says the House will provide strong legislation and codify the Social Investment Programmes (SIPs).

He said the programmes are now subjected to whims and caprices of some few people in charge. Gbajabiamila was quoted in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Lanre Lasisi while speaking at a web interactive session (webinar) organized by the Emmanuel Chapel on Friday.

He said the House would soon introduce a bill that would codify government’s Social Investment Programme (SIP) to give it legal backing.

“As leaders, we must respond like we are at war. Lives have been disrupted. Talking about social security, we have before now and even till now that is akin to that in Nigeria today is Social Investment Programme (SIP) where we have the N-Power, Moni Trader, the Conditional Cash Transfer, the School Feeding Programme and a wide variety of other programs but unfortunately, they have not been codified”

“So, basically these are left to the whims and caprices of whoever is in charge to determine who gets what. So, it’s been something that’s not statutory, it’s not codified, budgeted for but again it depends on who’s handling it at the appointed time.”

 “What the House is doing now, and in the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing a robust codification and sanction of the SIP in Nigeria that will take care of the poor and the vulnerable”

“That’s the standard, it’s for the poor and the vulnerable, it would codify and define who is poor and who is vulnerable, and the geographical spread would be determined by law,” he said.

The Speaker said the introduction and passage of the first Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill and the Control of Infectious Diseases Bill, as well as the second Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill which is about to be introduced, were all meant to successfully steer the country out of troubled waters that might follow the pandemic.




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