Federal Government Grants 2022/2023 CBN & World Bank Assisted- How To Apply

The Federal Government agenda to lift 100M Nigerians out of strict poverty is becoming a reality as more grants programs are coming in for 2022/2023

Billions of naira have been budgeted in the 2022 National Budget for this course, Nigerians are to be aware and take part in this program as 2022 draws near

The FG grant fund for 2022 is the news gaining the ground lately, the grant has received thousands of applications and still counting, just a few persons were privileged to hear this information

We will explain how the  FG Grant for2022 through CBN and World Bank can be gotten, the criteria to get this grant and the amount to be disbursed

This grant is primarily for those seeking capital to help boost their business and those who have business ventures but lack capital.

The government seeks to empower the Nigerian Youths by providing seed capital needed to promote self-employment devoid of “white-collar jobs”

 Federal Government Grants For Agriculture


These grants are meant to provide financial assistants and seed capital to promote agriculture, thus providing sustaining food security in the country and providing jobs through the various value chain

A farmer who has registered under this association is eligible for this type of grant

Apply Here-

Apply directly


The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund-NYIF

This project is meant to provide capital for the youth, age 18 to 35 years, more than 10,000 have benefitted, billions of cash disbursed

The program will continue till 2023


Small Business Innovation Research Program

It provides monetary assistance to small and medium-term businesses for innovation and invention and  developing the technology sector of the nation

This grant is highly contestable, only businesses and ideas of economic importance are welcomed


Bank Of Industry BOI Grant

This grant provides small and big businesses with programs and money needed to industrialize the nation. Billions of Naira have been pumped into the BOI for 2022, and Nigerians are encouraged to take part in this

BOI lunches a youth empowerment program where young people are empowered and grants are being released to them to begin a small-scale business


Youth Empowerment Scheme-project YES

It is a yearly program Initiated by the federal government of Nigeria to support ideas and businesses that are already running, job creation, and wealth creation.

Applicants are required to submit business plans and go through a series of mentorship programs

How To Apply

Federal Government Grant Application From World Bank

This is a grant scheme with the assistance of the World Bank to the federal republic of Nigeria.


Social Intervention Fund Of FG

This fund is for artisans and owners of SMS businesses across the nation. The business owners can only access a maximum of N100, 000 at a three percent interest rate a year.

Portal will be opened in the wee months of 2022

National Agency For  Social Investment Management (NASIM)

It is meant to lift the poor and vulnerable out of Poverty, over 19,000,000 persons  have benefited

It consists of Home Grown School Feeding Programme, Npower, GEEP Loan,  RRR, and so on


Also apply

Government Enterprise And Empowerment Programme (GEEP).

It consists of Conditional Cash Transfer, TradaMoni, FarmaMoni, and so on, created to provide micro-credit facilities for men and women in order to reduce poverty among rural areas and provide skills development, training, and business support, rebuilding the economies of rural areas through financial grants.




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