Error In Npower Test Results: See How To Fix It Before Stream 2 Shortlisting

The Npower Batch C verification is ongoing, batch C stream 2 will soon be verified via the finger biometric enrollment, this will be possible after the shortlisting of 500,000 applicants for batch c stream 2

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All is set for batch c stream 2 screening and biometric verification, there are many applicants whose test scores were reduced without their notice

Some applicants test results were reduced from 65% to 13%, 80% to 16%, 55% to 15%, and so on, if you saw some things like that on your NASIMS dashboard, don’t panic  

Logout and Login, NASIMS is carrying out massive update on their server and a lots of changes are expected to surface

If after login, the problem persist, CONTACT NASIM ON THIS LINK NOW


If problem persist, send message to NASIMS as soon as possible for immediate assistance on or before 15th of June,

Batch C stream 2 will start shortlisting 500,000 applicants on the 15th of June, and if your score falls below 35%, there is no way one will scale through


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