Endsars: FG To Shut Down The Internet-Guardian Newspaper

Endsars: FG To Shut Down The Internet-Guardian Newspaper: The Federal Government of Nigeria headed by mohammandu Buhari is looking at plans to completely short down the internet, to curtail the spread of the Endsars protest

The guardian newspaper reports that, the Federal Government is in high gear in shutting the internet in the incoming days

” Paradigm Initiatives media and program manager Adegoke Adeboye said it is not “impossible” for the Nigerian Government to shut down the internet but hoped it will not get to that point.

“While saying all the nice things openly, it is secretly attacking private businesses that has lent their platforms to support the protest.”

He said the clampdown on Flutterwave might be the first step to mute the active participation of citizens in the protest.

“We all know the role that the Internet is playing in the protest and we can already imagine that someone has proposed this to the government Adegoke said “.




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