Disengagement: Meeting with Presidency Failed to hold, Lawmakers Focus on Permanency Bill

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Disengagement: Meeting with Presidency Failed to hold, Lawmakers Focus on Permanency Bill: “The Nigerian lawmakers failed to meet with the Presidency, FMHASD, Minister of Finance and the chairman of Governors forum Over Permanency of Volunteers

The presidency and the Government have made their decision clear on the said disengagement plan

No going back over exit, it is a proactive step to bring in more Nigerian youths into the skills acquisitions and social development-Sadiya Umar

This is coming at a time when Batch A and B of the n-power programme are heading for disengagement, with no reasonable exit plan

Source said, the presidency refused to grant audience to a matter already CONCLUDED AND CLOSED

It means, there is little any body can do to reverse the decision of the presidency, it is now left for the lawmakers to work on permanency bill into law, it is ever see the light of the day in the senate


“The leadership of the NASS will meet president Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday night and also the minister of FMHASD to appear before its adhoc committee on social investment program and social security to intimate the law makers on the plan the ministry have for the npower volunteers failed to hold”

Volunteers have meet with their Senators and Reps to seek intervention on this matter

The law makers are making move to get the attention of Mr president to re-consider his stand on sacking the beneficiaries rather attach them to various MDAs of FG and the States.

 The lawmakers will now work on the permanency bill presented by Bauchi South Senator. https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-permanency-movedrop-your-signature-as-bill-goes-next-reading



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