Covid-19 Pandemic: You would All smile to the Bank-FG


Covid-19 Pandemic: You would All smile to the Bank-FG :Following the outbreak of the deadly COronavirus in Nigeria, the Government of Nigerians are putting different palliative measures in place to ease the critical conditions of Nigerians at this very difficult moment of the country.

Hope have been heightened that the Federal Government of Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari are willing to ease the hardship conditions meted on Nigerians by the deadly outbreak of Coronavirus.

Many notable Nigerians have started donated cash and some stuff that can benefits Nigerian at the moment. Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar have given out N50M to Nigerians to share to ease the pains of the moment.

Nysc & Covid-19: Corper Bassey Donates His March stipends to fight Virus

Nysc & Covid-19: Corper Hodo Bassey Donates His March stipends of N33, 000 to fight Virus



Nysc & Covid-19: Patriotic and dedicated, a member of the National Youth Service Corp named Hodo Bassey has donated his one month stipends of 33,000 naira to fight the deadly covid-19 pandemic

Corper Hodo Bassey has shown the world, especially the low income earners the art of kindness even while earning peanut.

Serving in the ancient city of Calabar. South-south Nigeria, Corper Bassey has willingly and voluntarily handover his one month march stipends to combat the covid-19 virus


The money in cheque form was donated to the commissioner of Health in Cross River state, Doctor Betta Edu. see

At a time when the economy bites harder, Corper Bassey displayed what other billionaires are doing in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic

Apparently, closed to 24 billion naira have been donated by wealthy men and women in the country to fight the pandemic. Corper Bassey is one of the donors, though not a billionaire

If we all can emulate the good gesture of Corper Bassey, perhaps, the covid-19 fight would receive a boast. And the burdens will be reduced on the side of the government


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