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Covid-19: Five Crazy Problems Education in Nigeria is Facing

Covid-19: Five Crazy Problems Education in Nigeria is Facing: With a fast-growing population, Nigeria system of Education has been challenged and many weaknesses uncovered.

The covid-19 Pandemic has exposed further problems associated with this sector, not only is the system poorly funded, it has no plan to handle emergencies such as the covid-19 pandemic

Like the western countries, where learning still take place via online during lockdown, a complete reverse is the case in Nigeria

Near Absence of Online Learning:

More than 90% of schools in Nigeria have total or near absence of online learning. This is basically because, it is not funded.

Our educational system is purely based on the manual learning; where teachers and students must interact on a one on one basis, for learning to take place.


The covid-19 pandemic has exposed lapses in this sector, giving rise to total breakdown in learning and students are forced to stay indoors without learning.


Internet and Data Access:

Even when there is online learning, the problem of internet and data access exist. This problem makes it difficult for students to partake in online learning.

Price of data is increasing daily and many Students and Schools find it hard to keep the tide close

Internet and Data Access is an issue common to all level of Education in the country, Schools and Students are left in the dark due to these problems

Poor Network Services

Covid-19 pandemic came at a time when the Telecommunication sector is yet to be developed to an enviable height.


Poor Network services are common in Rural Areas and Urban Centers Across the Country, online learning would not be possible in most cases

Where there are Internet Problems due to Network Issues, it is impossible for online learning to take place  

Absence of qualified teachers in the use of ICT facilities:

Inadequate qualified teachers is a huge problem in the education sector. Recently due to the fall in the standard of education, the people that are employed to teach do not have good qualification.

How can it be possible that a person should teach what he does not know? That is how the standard keeps depreciating from one generation to another.

Examination are not adequately conducted online:

The rate of examination malpractice has increased to an alarming rate. Children no longer read their books because they are sure that they can cheat their way out of every examination.

Parents and teachers are not even aware that children result to these vile means to pass their exams.

Influence of social media on students:

Social media is gaining the ground all over. Students prefer social media than their own books. They spend all day on their phones chatting rather than to pay attention to their books.

Social media platforms are so easy to operate and navigate therefore students can do whatever they like. Since parents are unable to monitor how their children at every point in time, children do as it pleases them.


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