Coronavirus: A Nigerian Invents Amazing Hand Washing Device- Bank Offers Fund

Coronavirus: A Nigerian Invents Amazing Hand Washing Device-Gets Loan:A young promising Nigerian did an amazing invention to stop the spread of the coronavirus

A super hand washing device meant to for persons to wash their hands easily, at ease without much stress has been invented by a Nigerian

In a bid to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, a Nigerian came up with an Amazing idea, to help stop the spread of the coronavirus

An interest-free bank offers him loan needed for mass production of the hand washing device, with the intention of making the device available to all nooks and cranny of the nation and if need be, for export purposes

Thought the coronavirus has not reached its pick in Nigeria, invention has already strung up to help in containing the virus

A Nigerian inventor makes hand washing device, capable of washing dirty hands, which is one of the effective methods of combating the coronavirus

Washing of Hands will frustrate the spread of the deadly coronavirus according to the guidelines given by World Health Organization (WHO)


If all go well, the hand washing device may be a multi-million naira business for this Young Nigeria, who defiled all odds and challenges just to prove Nigeria’s capability of competing with the WEST and EAST, when it comes to Invention and Innovation  

This technology is the latest in the world, as none has ever come up with this idea, perhaps, we may export it when mass production commence. One may add, the coronavirus is a blessing in disguise to this promising Nigerian  

“A young man, @Swaggzeez1, brought his invention to Twitter without categorically saying if he was the one behind the idea. Since the spread of the coronavirus across continents, countries, groups and individuals have advocated hand washing as a way of combating it. However, the inventor saw his opportunity in metal drums, redesigned them to ease hand washing with a possibility of earning a living from his work.”

Coronavirus: A Nigerian Invents Amazing Hand Washing Device-Gets Loan

The positive contribution by this young promising Nigeria n is an accolades and developmental strides of the Federal Government to make the nation an Invention hub in Africa


Worthy of donation and support, a Free-interest bank, keyed into his idea with financial aid needed to produce it hand washing device in mass

In another development, a Nigerian Max Chinnah, 26-year-old, just made history as he invented a smokeless stove that he manufactured with his partner, Attigah.

“According to Daily Times, the Nigerian inventor hopes that his piece would help in the saving of lives around the world.

His company called Terraoak is going into producing the smokeless stove at a very large scale, adding that it is a move to ensure a greener environment and reduce the threat of global warming”.

The smokeless stove also has another added feature where it can convert heat into electricity and gives out through a USB port to allow for phone charging.  

The machine which is, more or less, a breakthrough innovation has attracted the attention of many.


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Lately, Emeka Nelson who has won a number of awards for his innovative skill showed off his 1kva (1000 watts) portable hydroelectric generator on Twitter. But this is not the only thing he has invented.



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