Canada Eyes 1.2m Immigrants by 2023: Nigerians Top The List- Canada Awaits You

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Nigerians tops the list as Canada eyes 1.2m immigrants by 2023

Canada Eyes 1.2m Immigrants by 2023: Nigerians Top The List- Canada Awaits You: Nigerians and other nations of the world have found favors in the eyes of the Canadian Government, the government plans to bring about 1,200,000 persons into the country before 2023

The target to bring 1.2m persons to Canada by 2023 is a task the Canadian Government vowed to do, to keep the economy afloat, due to shortage in Man power (workforce)  

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Mr. Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister on Friday, said the country is in need skilled workers to pilot the economy of the country. Hence more hands are needed.

“Put simply, we need more workers, and immigration is the way to get there. With nearly 60 per cent of all new admissions in the economic class, our plan will continue to focus on Canada’s economic growth-Mr. Marco Mendicino.


Nigerian seeking to fly out to Canada can now do that with ease, as the door to bring in 1.2m persons is widely open to all Nigerians

“Mendicino unveiled what he called an “ambitious” three-year immigration plan that set targets for bringing skilled workers; as well as family members and refugees into Canada. CBC reports that Canada aims to bring 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, 411,000 in 2022 and 421,000 in 2023

The development is bound to serve as thrilling news for many Nigerians and potential immigrants from other countries. Canada has steadily become a preferred destination for Nigerians; many of whom regularly flock to that country for greener pastures.”




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