Boarding Schools: Six (6) Crazy Facts People Don’t Know

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Boarding Schools: Six (6) Crazy Facts People Don’t Know: Nowadays many well-to-do people take their children to boarding schools so that they can receive standard education.

Parents have little knowledge on boarding schools but they feel that because these schools charge a lot of money, they are what is best for the child.

Today’s boarding schools have a lot of things happening in them.

As a parent, you need to know some of the things happening in boarding schools.

Most Children Rarely Sleep at Night

It would interest you to know that most of the students in boarding houses do not sleep at night.

Have you ever been to a market place? Surely you have been to one.


That is how boarding students make noise at night. After all of the day’s activities they go back to their dorms to chat about all that happened.

When you are with your friends you are bound to have conversations and some of these conversations lead to noise.

The noises in the dormitories keep people from sleeping because everyone will want to partake in the conversation.

Sometimes when it is bed time in school other students use this quiet period to read and therefore do not sleep at all.


Life in boarding house is not much of a “sleepy one” so if your child sleeps too much then the boarding house is not a place for him or her.

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Students Eat Food Late at Night

Life in boarding house is mostly tied to night time. Even though Students collect their dinner early in the evening, some of them keep it for later in the night because they have to do one function or the other.

Even if they eat their dinner early they still eat very late at night, at times even at 12 midnight or even 1o’clock at night.

Imaging eating so late at night, it must feel weird right? Well it is not for boarding students.

Students Sneak Out of School

One of the rules of boarding house if that a child cannot leave the school premises until the appropriate time for such or in a case of emergency.

Well this rule is what makes it a boarding house but some children tend to deny it.

Imagine seeing your child that is in boarding house in town or in a party joint. How would you feel?

While other children are in school, some notorious ones leave the school to attend a party in town or to do whatever they want.

Leaving school without telling any staff might be dangerous but since these kids feel they can do what they want. They often escape unscaled but not all are lucky.


You might think that not sleeping and eating late at night seem strange enough but what will you expect in a place where teenage children from different places are gathered.

Where ever there are a lot of people, bad vices must also be among. A recent study has shown that most of the university cultists actually begin from secondary school.

Cultists carry out their activities in the night and so where best can they do this if not in boarding houses.

Parents are not around to care for these children and even those charged with the care of these children are not always present and children are free to do as they please.

Little gangs which they form from school grow into bigger ones once they graduate.

Drug and Substance Abuse

This is a very hard thing to believe but it is true. It might seem that once a child is in a boarding house he or she is safe from the rest of the world.

Actually when you keep a child in a boarding house the outside world sneaks in and meets him or her.

Drug abuse is a very big problem in the society and it often starts in secondary school, boarding house is no exemption.

When your child is with you at home you notice any slight change in character, but what if that child is in school?

It is very hard to monitor a child in boarding house as he or she spends a short holiday at home.

You cannot monitor a child in a boarding house and by the time you detect any strange behavior it might be too late.

The Practice of Homosexuality

Frightening as it may sound it is true! Homosexuality is an act that is frowned upon in Nigeria as such people feel disgusted when they hear of it.

This act happens mostly in boarding houses of single sexes. Either male or female

Boarding houses are places where this act is carried out in secrecy. The recent surge of this vice is due to the wide spread of pornographic pictures and videos.

When kids watch these videos their hormones begin to rage and they find a way to satisfy their urges no matter how evil the means might be.

Even though many kids that partake in this act abandon it after they graduate, some of them are scarred for life and it makes them feel uncomfortable around the opposite sex.


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