She travels to all parts of the country, very efficient, effective and time bound.  Virtually all states of the federation have her presence. Driven by good management and safety measures.

She has beaten most of the transport companies in most developed states in the country. Benue Links: A Leading Transport Company in Nigeria

With its operational head office and park in Makardi, the Benue state capital, Benue links Nigeria Limited has gained reputation far and wide. Making it one of the very best in the country, its flexibility and interconnection is second to none.

Benue Links generates huge revenue, a promising sector with hunger for expansion, capable of putting the state in lamp light of development, if the revenue was put to good use.

Its operations, routes and activities spread across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). In some states, there is more than one park.

The entire North central, North East and North West Nigeria, is yet to challenge the dominance of this transport company. Perhaps, the finance, management, expertise and professionalism are lagging

Let’s See Why Benue Links is leading among other Transport Companies in Nigeria

  • Safety: Benue links is one of the safest transport companies, the federal Road Safety Commission confirmed few cases of mishaps associated with the companies. With well-trained and monitored drivers, you can be rest assured to reach your destination hale and hearty. Buses are in high state of alert, any disturbance or failure of vehicles at any location in the country will be replaced with a ready-to-move vehicle, close to your location.  
  • Qualified and Safe Drivers: All drivers of Benue Links have driving license. The Mental and Physical health of all the drivers are paramount. Not only are they given the best employee treatment to stay afloat, they are welfare are center for attraction. In most cases, Benue links drivers are coached for six months, just for quality and safety, an insider who prefer not to be mentioned disclose that drivers’ mental health are thoroughly checked in the course of training.
  • Motor Parks All over the Nation: This is one of the few transport companies with parks all over the nation. Benue Links have a place of their own in each state of the federation and the FCT. An edge over other transport Companies you may put. With is operational and head pack in Makurdi, it is one of the biggest packs in the country, the pack has:
    • Filling station, where vehicles refuel
    • Canteen, where passenger eat their meal
    •  Security control room and outpost
    •  Well-furnished Booking room
    • Well-furnished waiting room
    • A large car park space (500 capacity space for buses)
    • A taxi waiting segment, located at the entrance of the pack
    • Good convenient system

State of the Art-Vehicles

  • State of the Art Buses and Vehicles: Unlike other transport companies with old vehicles, Benue Links can boast of brand new buses and vehicles. Since it is a Public Private Partnership, private individuals bring their buses, to augment government effort. Privately owned buses and vehicles must be new, safe and registered. The authorities put down any vehicle not licensed, registered and safe to ply the road. Also read
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: All the routes used by Benue Links are monitored. Virtually all the major roads have a set of monitoring and evaluation teams. They are put in strategic positions to:
    • Monitor all Benue links vehicles moving across the nation daily.
    • Check all the states of the vehicle and ensure they are in good condition.
    • Confirm manifest and see that, the drivers are not faulting by caring excess passengers
    • Inspect the sanity and health condition of the drivers
    • Reporting all situations to the head office in makurdi, the state capital.

A leading among other Transport Companies in Nigeria

  • Public Private Partnership: Benue Links Nigeria Limited is a joint partnership arrangement. With majority of the assets owned and controlled by the state government. This arrangement had and still yielding fruits, in terms of operation and management, revenue generation and lots more. The private sectors had contributed a lot to the growth of Benue links. Most vehicles and drivers are from the organized private sectors.
  • Transport Fares: Not only is the fare cheap for passengers, it is relatively a low cost transport company. Fares are cut by management to suit the purpose, mission and vision of the company. No wonder, commuters from both the state and other rated Benue links high in an online pole
  • Flexibility: The Company and her polices are flexible. Corrections are welcome where necessary, new measures and observations are welcome from the public.  
Benue links is on the move- New Strategies

As part of her innovative moves, the company is bringing:

  • E-receipt into plan, commuters can be at anywhere, any time for bookings. This will go a long way of helping management in tracking and in control of all the financial activities of the company.
  •  Construction of a Sub-mini Packs around the main pack. To reduce the numbers of unused vehicles for the day, as well as serves a pack for inter-state journey. The mini-packs will also be a home for repairs and maintenance work.

The much dead Nigeria Airway should borrow a leaf from Benue Links management, who knows, we might be a leading air transport hub in the continent of Africa. Challenging Kenya, Egypt and Ethiopia airways