By Prof. Pita Agbese

So, Benue set an aptitude test for the twenty-seven applicants for the vice-chancellorship of the state university? Were all the applicants from the same field of study? What was the content of the examination?

 Was it quantum mechanics or asstrophysics? Was administration part of the test? Where the applicants asked to name the Defender of the Benue Valley?

Who graded the examination? How did the professors study for the examination? Did they have past questions from which to study? Was passing the examination the only criterion for consideration for the post?

A university seriously considered this as a mechanism for selecting its top leadership? Did the selection committee take advantage of the Covid lockdown to jam through this idea? From where did Benue come up with this novel, but silly and ridiculous idea?

Why did these professors submit themselves to be humiliated through this charade? Did they seriously think that passing the examination was truly the means by which a new VC would emerge?

Did they truly believe that the process was transparent? Did they satisfy themselves that there was no “expo” of the examination to the heir-apparent? Did they just descend from the sky to land in Ortom’s Benue?


Where they so desperate for the position that they willingly submitted themselves to this self-immolation? Will any of their students have any respect for them anymore?

How do they feel now to be told that twenty of them failed? Was the VCship worth this public humiliation? Will the names of those who ‘failed’ the examination be used for blackmail and further public humiliation? How come it never occurred to them that this was not a transparent process? Will they demand to see how their answer scripts were graded? Are men/women(?) like these who are apparently without honor, integrity and self-respect deserving of the vice-chancellorship position?

If BSU VCship requires passing an aptitude test, why not make that a requirement for every public position in Benue. How many of Ortom’s commissioners will pass an aptitude test?

How many of Ortom’s new local government chairmen will pass an aptitude test? What aptitude test can Ortom himself pass? Will Ortom pass the aptitude test of decency, of humaneness, of truthfulness? and integrity? Will any of Ortom’s special assistants pass any aptitude test?


Why is it that under Ortom, Benue always does ridiculous things and the state has turned itself into a laughingstock of the nation?

Wheelbarrows, tractors got multimillionaires, chasing demon of of Government House, traffic lights at a roundabout. Goat-tying ropes as economic palliatives. Imported snakes. The list is endless.

Let me salute Prof. Eugene Aliegba, one of the applicants for the vice-chancellorship,­ who honorably refused to go through this charade and withdrew his application.

Some of us cannot wait for 2023 to roll around so we that can consign the failed Ortom leadership to the wastepaper basket of Benue’s history. Gosh. Even professors?




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