Beautiful Female Islamic Names and Their Meaning In English Language

Beautiful Female Islamic Names and Their Meaning In the English Language: These are beautiful Female Islamic names inspired by Allah, the most mercy. These names have their origin in the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia.

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Allah is encouraged us not to name our little ones way-worldly but to follow the names he gave, as you give birth to your kids, don’t only raise them in an Islamic way but name them by these names for Allah’s name to be praised

i. Hanan: Mercy
ii. Hanifah: Believer
iii. Hasanat: Good deeds
iv. Haseena: Charming
v. Hiba: Gift
vi. Hiyam: Passion
vii. Huda: Guidance
viii. Husna: Beautiful
ix. Asma’ – means loftiness or eminence
x. Reem – very white
xi. ‘Aaliyah – derived from words meaning high status and eminence
xii. Juwayriyah – the name of one of the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).
xiii. Rahmah – mercy, kindness, compassion
xiv. Basmah – smile, an expression of happiness
xv. Su’aad – guidance, good fortune, blessings; the opposite of misery
xvi. Maryam – a Hebrew name meaning exalted or mistress of the sea
xvii. Salma – a slender woman, also derived from salaamah (security)
xviii. Noorah – light
xix. Sumayyah – sound and of high status
xx. Haajir – good and superior to others
xxi. Aaminah – means one who has peace of mind and is not afraid
xxii. Shayma’ – a woman of virtue
xxiii. Razaan – dignity among women
xxiv. ‘Afaaf – purity
xxv. Zaynab – a tree with a good scent
xxvi. Saarah – brings joy to one’s hearts
xxvii. Maymoonah – a blessed woman
xxviii. Raaniyah – one with a fixed gaze
xxix. Fazila: Excellent
xxx. Feryal: Beauty of light
xxxi. Firdaws: Garden of Paradise
xxxii. Habibah: Beloved
xxxiii. Hadeel: Cooing sound
xxxiv. Hadiya: Guide
xxxv. Hadiyya: Gift
xxxvi. Hala: Aura around the moon
xxxvii. Hameeda: Praiseworthy
xxxviii. Hamidah: Thankful
xxxix. Hana: Felicity
xl. Arwa – Beautiful and radiant
xli. ‘Aa’ishah – one who is alive
xlii. Amirah: Princess
xliii. Anisah: Affectionate
xliv. Aqilah: Intelligent
xlv. Areej: Fragrance
xlvi. Arwa: Nice-looking
xlvii. Asilah: Honey-like
xlviii. Asimah: Protector
xlix. Asma: High
l. Atifah: Sympathetic
li. Atiyyah: Gift
lii. Azizah: Precious
liii. Badiah: Admirable
liv. Badriyah: Full moon
lv. Barakah: Blessing
lvi. Bashirah: Bringer of good news
lvii. Basimah: Always smiling
lviii. Basmah: Smile
lix. Bushra: Good news
lx. Buthaynah: Beautiful woman
lxi. Daariya: Knowledgeable
lxii. Deena: Pious
lxiii. Dua: Personal prayer, supplication
lxiv. Durra: Pearl
lxv. Durriya: Sparkling
lxvi. Faida: Benefit
lxvii. Faiza: Successful
lxviii. Farah: Happiness
lxix. Fareeda: Unique
lxx. Farha: Happiness
lxxi. Farhana: Happy
lxxii. Farukh: Auspicious
lxxiii. Fateen: Smart
lxxiv. Fateena: Charming
lxxv. Fatinah: Intelligent
lxxvi. Fayrooz: Turquoise


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