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Bashir Usman Gobir Declared Npower National Chairman: What to Expect!: Born in Sokoto State Nigeria, resides in Kaduna State North Central Nigeria.  Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir is popularly called Busman, a resilient and self-determined individual.

Not only is he vast in Hausa Language, but also good in English and Arabic

As a Northern breed, Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir is a versatile and noble individual who seeks justice and equity for all, his determination to make all Npower disengaged volunteers to be given permanent appointments is second to none


The struggle to get a permanent appointment from the Federal Government regarding the Npower programme is taken more seriously by this noble gentleman

An activist with a good social media presence has successfully increased information dissemination to more volunteers than most national dallies in the Country

With over14, 000 followers on Facebook and other social and digital media, Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir is a pillar for a massive and effective informant, disseminator of valuable information    

Congratulations Comrd Bashir Usman gobir, is now declared as National Npower Chairman, Congratulations sir! Npower Kano, Npower North Central BATCH Npower North Central BATCH A&BNpower North Central BATCH A&BNpower North Central BATCH A&B, N-power LagosN-power LagosN-power Lagos Lagos, Mikiya, Sahara Reporters, Hausa, Fed Min of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social DevelopmentFed Min of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Disaster Management and Social Development. BeBello Alhaji namaikabi Dandinmahe.lBello Alhaji namaikabi Dandinmahe. Bello Alhaji namaikabi Dandinmahe.aBello Alhaji namaikabi Dandinmahe.Bello Alhaji namaikabi Dandinmahe”


This noble and gentle comrade has been in many television and radio stations airing his views regarding the Npower programme, he has successfully convinced many of the positive views of the Npower programme

Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir was declared as the National Chairman of Npower, as the struggle for speedy execution of the CBN Loan Affiliate programme becomes a matter of national importance

Not only is he active in all the protests carried out by Npower states executives and representatives, but also has mobilized thousands from the Northwest and East to grace the protest

How Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir was Appointed, Selected, or Choose is not yet clear to Myeduproject, but all we know is that he was declared the national Chairperson of the Npower Volunteers Group by the 36 States Representatives and Executives of Npower volunteers. He will be called upon to negotiate any future agreement with the national authorities where necessary  

As the struggle for the speedy disbursement of the Nexit CBN loan is ongoing, we all must corporate with Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir and his team to bring all our expectations to a purposeful end



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