Absorption: Meet Big Players Facilitating Volunteers’ Cause into MDAs

Absorption: Meet Big Players Facilitating Volunteers’ Cause into MDAs: Lately, the Npower programme regarding batch A and B’s was given a boast following directive given to all Focal Persons in all states of the Federal to collect volunteers’ updated Details

This came at a time when massive protests were used to discredit the Buhari led government of neglecting Npower volunteers

Before this light came into being, there have been series of meetings and consultation from stakeholders and the public, as not to relinquish the exited youths into what “will be a national catastrophe”

Surprisingly, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Sadiya Umar Farouq, on Thursday, directed all exited volunteers interested in Transition to as a matter of urgency updates their details via their Focal officers nationwide

Let us see some of the Big Players who have Facilitated Volunteers’ cause

Mr. Mohammadu Buhari-GCFR

See Transitioning Batch A & B: Psychometric Test Past Questions and Answers

He is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the figure heard of the Npower Programme, immediately after he was sworn-in in 2015, the Npower programme came into light. We give him all the credits


Professor Yemi Osinbanjo, he is the Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. An initiator of the programme, he is championing the absorption of Volunteers into viable and sustainable ventures

See Npower ID Confirmation: Go Ahead and Confirm Your Details-NSIP

Source made it clear, it is the Vice President who thought of the programme and presented the idea to the Federal Government in 2016

The Vice President has been the only reason why the programme is up and running as we speak;


“The unemployment situation is alarming and dangerous, that is why we will not allow 500,000 exited youths into the street. We promised to lift 100 million Nigeria Out of Poverty, it will be insane, if we do otherwise”-VP

“But I feel Prof. Osinbajo and other intelligent Nigerians can help with useful ideas to absorb lots of the Npower exited volunteers into MDAs”, an Attendee of a Federal Executive Meeting added

Umar Sadiya Farouq: Her Incredible Leadership Qualities

Born 5th November 1974, in Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara state, North West Nigeria. Attended Federal Government Girls’ College Gusau, in Zamfara State

She has a BSC certificate in Business administration from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zari, Kaduna state in 1998

She backed a master’s degree in international Affairs and Diplomacy in 2008 and a master’s in business administration (MBA) in 2011 in same school.

A vibrant and active minister Sadiya has successfully implemented programmes and strategies in all fields she mounted, she is the youngest minister of the Buhari led government.

Appointed as a minister in 2019 to head the newly formed Ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, she has implemented reforms to streamline the various programmes in her ministries   

Let us uncover some of her Leadership Qualities and Experience

The Absorption plan come into fruition following the intervention and sound leadership of the hon. Minister, she successfully involved government and the organized private sectors regarding Absorption of volunteers

Her one-time Commissioner for National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and Internally Displaced Persons. Where she; Standardized procedures for utilizing Research, Data Gathering & Planning for Resettling, Rehabilitating, Reintegrating and Readmitting Persons of concern – made her an accolade not seen in women leadership in the Northern Hemisphere

The Minister made are a remarkable statement through her Senior Assistance on Media said, all exited beneficiaries are advised to exercise more patience and await the result of the efforts being made by the Honorable Minister who is currently engaging various MDAs including the CBN and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure that the eligible exited beneficiaries are transited to government progammes or even employment where available

More Patience are to be exercised to successfully delivers Volunteers into MDAs, Sadiya Umar Farouq blamed improper arrangement at the commencement of the programme to place exited volunteers after two years by the Ministry

She succeeded in Streamlining the Npower Programme for better efficiency and Effectiveness, her policies encompass.

  1. enrolling more women on the program to empower them, in order that they will earn an income and be more self-sufficient while privileging N-Teach, N-Health and N-Agro as areas of key priority.
  2. Repositioned the N-SIP to Integrated National Social Investment Programme (I-NSIP) to cater for vulnerable groups in society by providing them access to shock responsive interventions, life skills & mentorship to systematically lift people out of poverty.
  3. Sadiya undertaken a review and re-appraisal of the programme to strengthen the program design and streamline for efficiency.
    “Part of the reforms and streamlining will see a discount in tenure from the present 24 months to 12 months to pave way for another 400,000 persons.
  4. At the top of the session, the ministers reportedly resolved that focus should be paid to helping youth convert knowledge into skills while providing opportunities for them to digitalize and organize markets.
  5. She has commenced the transitioning of beneficiaries from Batches A and B into government entrepreneurship schemes and engaging private sector bodies to absorb some of the beneficiaries

Wole Diya- Member Federal House of Representatives calls for permanency

Wole Diya, representing Shomolu federal constituency in the Federal House of Representatives calls for permanency of all npower volunteers.

This move is coming at a time, when beneficiaries are stranded and confused on the exit plan prepared by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development headed by Hajia Sadiya Farouq

Wole Diya who is agitating for permanency disclosed that, giving young mind a sense of belonging, is the best thing the federal government could do to tide the issue of insecurity bedeviling the nation.

He stressed the need of actively encouraging the youths via Permanency in their various PPA as a national pride, thus creating an atmosphere of peace and stability

What it means is that, if this move scales through, we will see massive declined in restiveness among young people.

Wole Diya was not left on the dark as other members of the Federal House of Representative shared his sentiment on the matter.

Senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau Backed Npower Permanency Bill

Senator representing Bauchi south senatorial districts lawal yahaya gumau speaks on npower permanency bill, he is proposing for the adoption and creation of agency for National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).

Being the chairperson, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, he suggested the absorption of all npower beneficiaries, in all categories into the civil service to curb the rising unemployment crisis in the country.

As the Chairman, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau wants Nigerian Youths to be productive and engaged.

To tide in the problems of national insecurity, the country must empower her youths.  This must come from the Federal Government; the country must rise to her responsibility and put an end to youth restiveness-the senator added.

Any nation who fails to explore and empower her youths, is setting on a time bomb. The federal government must show sincere courage and will, to massively invest in her youths. Anything short of this, will spell doom for the nation

The motion was seconded and supported by more than half of the 9th senate. If this motion scales through, it will see many youths, from all works of life engaged. Actively empowered not just to provide food for the nation, but to empower others, thus curbing unemployment

Mr. Omoulukwe Afolabi

One of the cluster heads of the Npower programme, Mr. Omoulukwe Afolabi, a man of purpose and vision, enriched with leadership qualities and wisdom, position utilizing solid background in the management of Npower, meticulously design the non-graduate categories of the programme to suit the test of skillful youths

One of his major aspiration during his time as a cluster head of the programme is the retainment of volunteers in the PPAs

Mr Afolabi has been a strong pillar and advocacy for permanency, and has spearheaded moves for retaining and absorbing volunteers into meaningful programmes

“Your Permanency Hinged on the Re-election of Buhari”: Why worry to ask me about continuity?

So why worry to ask me about permanency? So why worry to ask me about when the next batch will be?

Why worry about when the portal will be opened, why worry to ask me about when devices will be.

I mean as in honestly why worry to ask me when the answers to those questions are related and hinged on the re-election of Mr.” Words of Mr Afolabi before the 2019 presidential Election


  1. Good day all, I thanks all of them and appreciated their efforts, because I have never being help by someone like Mr President muhammadu Buhari tenure may Almighty bless him and all of his followers especially my humble man the man of God Mr vice president I just like you sir


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