AB Microfinance Bank Loan Requirements: www.ab-mfbnigeria.com-Apply

AB Microfinance Bank Loan Requirements: www.ab-mfbnigeria.com-Apply

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AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria is committed to its passion of:

  • Helping to improve the business opportunities of entrepreneurs by availing them of easy access to affordable loans,
  •  Improve the general financial status of everyone with its deposit accounts.
  • It is a limited liability company duly incorporated in Nigeria under the 2002 Companies and Allied Matters Act and is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a fully-fledged microfinance bank.
  • AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to easily access loans in a quick, transparent, and efficient environment.
  • Loans currently range from N15,000 to N3,000,000;
  • Maximum maturity is 18 months; for larger loan sizes,
  • Long-standing clients with impeccable repayment records qualify for successive interest rate discounts and even faster loan processing.
  • No borrower groups – you are responsible only for your own loan.
  • Free SMS Reminder for your Monthly Repayments
  • Upon submission of all required documents, loan disbursement is guaranteed within 3 working days
  • No mandatory deposits/savings.
  • No audited financial statements required.
  • Flexible collateral arrangements depending on loan size (household goods, business equipment, goods in stock, vehicles, property etc.)
  • Flexible documentation requirements.



SME Loans

AB Microfinance Bank offers business owners of Small and Medium Size Enterprises the opportunity to access loan products in a:

  • quick,
  • transparent and
  • efficient way.

Housing Loans:

  • Get access to Housing loans without equity contributions or compulsory savings.
  • What sets AB Microfinance Bank apart is primarily the efficiency and
  • Ease of access to credit facilities


How To Apply for AB Microfinance Bank Loan Requirements



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