A Volunteer Gone Too Soon: A Heroine Couldn’t Wait For Her Nexit Package 

A Volunteer Gone Too Soon: A Heroine Couldn’t Wait For Nexit Package: The entire Npower disengaged volunteers expresses their deepest shock over the sudden death of Miss Josephine (Not her real Name)

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A journey every soul on earth must embark, not even wealth nor power can stop it, as the holy book might put it, her rapture has taken place

The cold hands of death took her, regardless of his youthful age. Miss Josephine was a heroine in his Place of Primary Assignment(PPA)

As an N-teach volunteer, she contributed his quarter to the development of Education in the country, particularly in her Place of Primary Assignment


Her demise came at a time when the NExit CBN loan disbursement is at bay, may her soul rest in eternal peace  


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