5 Reasons Batch A & B Should Write The N-power Batch C Test

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5 Reasons Batch A & B Should Write The N-power Batch C Test: The N-power Batch C shortlisting assessment test is ongoing, and applicants are massively showing interest every day, the batch C will onboard a million volunteer in two tranches

The N-power Batch C shortlisting assessment test is ongoing, and applicants are massively showing interest every day, the batch C will onboard a million volunteer in two tranches

There is no warnings or statement prohibiting batch A and B from re-applying in the batch C N-power registration so far


No authorization or statement form the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management or the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP)

While most of the Batch A and B disengaged volunteers did not re-register for the batch C Npower programme due to many reasons

A handful of wise ones took the risk and applied, thus have written the test, scored high and may be lucky to be deployed soon

Many Batch A and B volunteers are hoping for the promised Nexit CBN loan, which may take time or not surface at all, the nexit loan portal is still lying hewn even as no information from authorities regarding the loan


Other volunteers fear victimization from the Biometric Verification Number (BVN), ever wondered why some batch A and B volunteers are Federal and State workers, earning bogus salary, yet the BVN could not locate them?

In the article, we will tell you reasons why Batch A and B volunteers should write and participate in the ongoing Batch C shortlisting assessment test

The NEXIT CBN Loan is not Feasible

This is a loan programme anchored by both the Federal Government and the Central Bank of Nigeria for more than 5 months, there is no plan as to the next point of action or details regarding the said loan

Disengaged volunteers have alleged a plot to delay and waste the time, thereby silently removing their mind from the Npower programme

Even if the loan will come, some analyst have predicated the loan to be menial within the range of 200,000 to 150,000 depending on the businesses. And not all volunteers will be given    

This is a reason, disengaged volunteers should re-apply and seat for the Batch C assessment test

Not All Disengaged Volunteers Will Get NEixt Loan

This may sound as a surprise, but that is the fact, the Nexit portal is yet to capture over 100,000 volunteers since when it was launched, till date not all have registered.

Fact have emerged that 30,000 and even more volunteers have been embedded in the N-agro enumerator progamme, meaning they will not be entitled to the loan

The worst is that, many will be denied the loan due to inability to meet up with the stringent requirements the loan will pose, just like the requirements the Covid-19 Nirsal Micro-finance Bank imposed applicants, Nigeria Youth Investment Fund etc, scaring people away, and thus denying millions the opportunity

This is the another reason, disengaged volunteers should re-apply and seat for the Batch C assessment test

The Fear Associated With the Biometric Verification Number (BVN)

Many Batch A and B disengaged volunteers assumed, the BVN is a limiting factor in the last batch C registration, the answer is no, let’s prove it:

Ever wondered why some batch A and B volunteers are Federal and State workers, earning bogus salary, yet the BVN could not locate them?

Have you asked why legitimate disengaged batch A and B volunteers were denied their five (5) months stipends, citing flagging by GIFMIS?

That is to tell you how porous and confused the system is, the BVN cannot be used in to tract any person regarding multiple registration in this regard

Disengaged volunteers that registered for the batch C programme can confidently go ahead and take the assessment test with fear of BVN

There is No Law or Statement from NSIP/Humanitarian Ministry Prohibiting Multiply Registration

Prove this article wrong with any link or statement from a recognized source prompting Batch A and B from showing interest in batch C, no one will tell you what is in.

Using your discretion to register is a wise choice to do at this time, this is because, and you don’t know the next action to follow

No Harm in Registering in Batch C

Putting in for N-power Batch C as a disengaged volunteers does not put one in any risk at all, if there is any form of restriction, it would have been dished out long ago, during registration

Even if they screen you out during physical verification, there is no harm attached to it

Volunteers have the choice of being selected in batch C or giving the promised CBN Loan or both

Warning! This articles is not promoting or encouraging fraud but giving options amidst delay in the Exit CBN loan, as disengaged volunteers fear or don’t trust the outcome of the Loan programme  

N-power Batch C 2021: See Cut off Mark & Deployment Latter  

The N-power Batch C shortlisting test is ongoing and applicants are massively taking their exams, which is done online and it is Computer Based

While applicants are to make “hay while the sun shines” regarding taking the test, using speed “not exhausting the 20 minutes at a go” may be a factor for shortlisting applicants

An applicants who used less than 10 minutes to answer the 20 questions in the shortlisting test, and score above 50%, stand a chance of making the final list and being deployed

Meaning, if an applicants scored 95% in the shortlisting test and exhaust the entire 20 minutes, he or she may not be shortlisted or deployed as assumed

Deployment letters will be ready as soon as the test is concluded and the portal for the test is officially closed- An NSIP official added last week

The cut off mark for the shortlisting test is 50% (same NSIP official statement), even if an applicant’s scores 95%, there is no guarantee of making the final list

This is because, there is more than 5 million applicants taking the test, only One million will be deployed. The One million will be in two tranches; 500,000 for first stream.

The other 500,000 will be in the second stream. And no one knows the exact date for the commencement of the first and second tranche of the one million successful applicants  

See Profile Update, BVN Validation, Taking The Test, Change of Password, Log In

The procedures for password retrieval are as follows:

Open http://nasims.gov.ng

Click on login

Use the “Forgot Password” Option

Enter your N-POWER application email

Click on “Send Link”

Check your mail and follow the instructions to reset your password.

After successful reset of password, please login to update your records before taking test.

Problem: Error messages may pop-up when trying to log in.

Solution: Do not panic, just keep trying. Its network challenges. Should it persist for more days, contact supports.

Note: If you have requested for a Change of Password link previously and have not recieved it, just repeat the process again by making a new request. Check your inbox, if it’s not there, just wait a little and be checking your mail.

Log In:

After you have changed your password successfully, the next thing to do is to log in with your Registered N-power Email Address and the newly created Password.

Note that after logging in, the website can time out in less than 4 minutes if left ideal. That can log you out, hence, you can save your password in your browser and keep yourself signed in by “checking”- that option within the login section. In this way, you won’t be always entering your email and password to log in.

BVN Validation:

This forms an initial and basic part of the Profile update. Recall that during the N-power 2020 Batch C registration in June 2020, the BVN verification process at a point failed and it was removed. Bringing the BVN data to the NASIMS Portal is basically to ensure that one person will not have more than one account.

The major criteria used to validate BVN here is Date of Birth. So you must make sure the date of Birth to be entered after filling in your BVN is the same in your BVN information. E-mail address and Phone Number must not be the same as in your BVN information.

BVN Validation Procedure:

1.  On the top part of the web page after successful log in, there is a warning “You have not updated your profile, click “here” to update profile. Just click on “here.”

2. Follow the on screen pop-up to fill in BVN, Email address, Phone Number and BVN as illustrated below:

3. Click on Validate. A response will tell you that “BVN validation was successful.”

Problem: After validating your BVN, a profile that is not your own may load on your account.

Solution: Do not panic. Just log out and log in again and everything will be normal.

Update Profile:

Your profile in the application portal has been imported into the NASIMS Platform. But some information are lacking.-++

First and foremost, get your documents ready by resizing them. The Documents to Re-size are Profile Photo, Educational Certificate, Means of Identification (and NYSC Discharge Certificate).

Profile Update Procedures:

To start Profile Update, Just Click on “Edit” There are 7 parts to be updated here.

Personal Details: After validating your BVN, some part of your personal information will be automatically added. Proceed to fill in the rest.

Note: All parts marked with * must be filled as in the Registration Process in 2020 to avoid error message.

 Residential Details

 Educational Background  


Bank Details: Make sure not to make mistakes here as your payment is made to this Account Details. If you are in a cybercafe, wash your eyes on this part. Keep your password away from people. You money may not be easily stolen but it can be delayed if your bank details is wrong.


 Other Documents

After filling in your Details, review and Click on “Submit“

Problem 1: Upon Clicking Submit, error message may pop-up

Solution 1: Review your information, ensure that all parts marked with * are filled with same information used during Registration in 2020.

Problem 2: After Clicking Submit and it goes successfully, a profile not your own may load on your account.

Solution 2: Just Click on the Menu button, log out and log in again, and your updated profile will come up. In fact, after updating Profile, log out and log in again to see your updated profile.

Taking the Test:

The N-power Programme which commenced in 2016 has a technical way of asking questions in General Subject such as in Current Affairs, Use of English, Simple Arithmetic, Sciences; some medical questions for N-Health; some Agricultural questions for N-Agro; and other technical questions.

Test Instructions:

This test is time based and you are expected to answer 20 questions in 10 mins.

Test cannot be retaken after submission.

You cannot skip any question.

Every question is allotted equal score.

If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you will not be able to take the test again.”

Start Test:

Click on Take Test on your profile or open www.nasims.gov.ng

Log in with NASIMS ID (N-power ID below your profile picture) and your created password

Click on “Start Test“. Once you start, you time will start counting. 10 minutes for 20 question is 30 seconds for each question.

Shocking Facts Saiyda Reveals About Batch A&B

109,823 N-Power Volunteers Acquired Skills & Savings/Became Business

 OwnersN1M Will Be On-boarded/ 500k Per Stream

“The N-Power programme provides young Nigerians with job opportunities. It provided opportunities to over 500,000 Nigerians.

“The programme provided an opportunity for 109,823 N-Power beneficiaries to utilize the skills they acquired and savings to become business owners

“In view of this, President Buhari approved the extension of the programme to 1million new beneficiaries; 500k per stream.

“The N-Power programme will now be administered through the NASIMS which cuts across the whole value change of other programmes under the Ministry.

“The programme is now positioned to be more strategic through the NASIMS. Beneficiaries will now be able to get more from programme, and experience a seamless verification process as well as an efficient transition and exit management plan through the NASIMS.

“The Honourable Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq stated that the N-Power started as an intervention for job creation.

“She says Batch C is a continuation of the ongoing strategy and an extension of the Buhari administration’s commitment to job creation and youth development.

“Based on the implementation of these SIPs since 2016, the programmes are undergoing restructuring to maximize their impact and deliver more socioeconomic benefits to the poor and vulnerable in the society.

“The Permanent Secretary, Bashiru Alkali is giving the welcome remark. He says NASIMS (National Social Investment Management System) is a strategic response to address numerous challenges encountered in SIPs.

“It will drive efficiency and accountability and serve as a database for the programmes

‘Beneficiaries can now log into http://nasims.gov.ng to take their test and subsequently carry out the process.

[email protected] is the dedicated email address for complaints and enquiries.

“The Ministry has taken stringent steps to ensure that the registration and verification as well as the onboarding process will be carried out online and on a centralized system.

“The @FMHDSD is today launching the N-Power Batch C. The N-Power programme provides young Nigerians with an opportunity for employment since its inception in 2016 under Batch A & B with about 500,000 beneficiaries catered for”


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