30,000 FMARD Enumerators: Private/ International NGOs Requesting For Extension Workers

The National Coordinator of the AFJP and other big players in the Federal Ministry Of Agriculture And Rural Development (FMARD) are discussing the possibility of engaging over 30,000 Enumerators as extension workers in Different Private And International NGOs

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This is coming at a time, the government is yet to pay Enumerators their stipends for many months, and over the unforeseen circumstances of the AFJP farmers

In a meeting between the chairman of the association of AFJP, Zonal coordinators representative of Nasarawa, Bauchi, FCT, Kano, Plateau states, and two supporting staff of the AFJP including the National coordinator Dr. Andrew kwasari are extensively discussing the possibility of engaging Enumerators as extension workers in private and International organizations 

“Regard to the engagement of Enumerators as extension workers the national coordinator said he has no answers due to the threats on different media platforms they are seeing from our fellow Enumerators, he said he is not ready to involve himself in it again he will just do his best to ensure our entitlements are paid”

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“But there are a lot of opportunities coming up from different private and international NGOs requesting for extension workers from them”-Myeduproject analysis of the meeting held between the National coordinator Dr. Andrew kwasari and the association of AFJP


If this becomes fruitful, it will ensure that the programme does not fail, and over 30,000 enumerators will still be useful and productive

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