2021 FMARD Unpaid Enumerators Update: FMARD IS Calling With These Numbers 07032993393/08034605104? See How To Reply

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) is massively calling unpaid enumerators who participated in the dry season farming

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Some unpaid enumerators will be contacted via direct calls using phone numbers, if you are yet to get the calls, be at alert, any moment from now, FMARD will contact you and ask you a few questions

Questions asked so far from Enumerators include:

The number of month’s enumerators worked during the dry season farming

The Number of Survey collected


How amount owed

And the AFJP farmer attached with

Make sure you have an answer to all the questions, “a stitch in time save nine, the proverb goes”

Fmardspace Enumerators not paid for months are at the edge of getting paid as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is collecting data of all eneumearators not paid for all the months of survey

This is a data collation form generated by the 36 STATES AND THE FCT FMARDPACE ENUMERATORS FORUM in order to compile the data of our fellow enumerators with payment issues, as part of our effort to ensure that all Enumerators with valid surveys get paid

We advised all enumerators to Confirm the Number of their Unpaid Valid Surveys (If not sure) Through Fmard Contact Lines before filling the Form.

If you are yet to fill the collation form, follow the intructions below

How To Fill Data Collation Form 

Enumerators are to fill the below form and correct answers before submission

Email *

Are You an Enumerator *




What State are You *

Full Name *

Local Government Assigned *

Ward/Community Assigned *

Registered Phone Number *

Total Valid Surveys In June, 2020 *

Amount Paid in respect of June, 2020 *

Total Number of Surveys Made in July 2020 *

Number of Valid Surveys out of the Above *

Total Amount Received *

Total Outstanding Left *

Total Surveys Made From August 2020 Upward *

Amount Paid *

Master Trainers Name *

Master Trainers Contact Number *

Unique I.D *

This is a required question

Send me a copy of my responses.



  1. Please pay enumerators, despite the fact we go about inside the bushes capturing farmers, If not God one mighty cobra snake would have bit me, yet fmard are not taking care of us, no motivation, and encouragement, this programme if well plan, cordinate, and motivate will be one of the best in Africa, why must you leave your workers (enumerators) without due payment? we are hungry, please help us in the name of God, we promised to put more effort while enumerations continuous, give us appointment letters, we are good to go, we wan’t to help our parents, we are poor Nigerians, you assigned us to work, God blessed fmard, what about farmers that are yet to received their grant, are they not Q uallified? so that we should go about and capture them again, we are congused.


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