2019 in Review- Major Events in the Country, shows 2019 was a remarkable year in the history of this country, the year started with so many expectations, prophecies and political and economic rejuvenation.

While it may not be a good year to some, many reached the epic of their career, some goals and objectives were achieved.

On the nation at large, there were many ups and down recorded. Economically, politically, Socially etc, the nation witnessed both negative and positive turnaround. We will look at the major events that shaped the country in 2019

General Election

The Presidential, Governorship and House of Reps and other minor elections were held. The election usually held once in four years. The president, many governors and senators were returned to power, few others lost their elective positions.

Presidential election was postponed on the day of election; the People Democratic Party lost the election to All Progressive Congress, the court of law was patronized with election petitions. Accusations and counter accusations on election malpractice dominate the court room.

Some elections were inconclusive; INEC witnessed some setbacks and itches in election matters. Perhaps, INEC chairman lack competency and professionalism in handling the 2019 general election.

Political Prisoners Released

Omoyele Sowore and Sambo Dasuki got their freedom miraculously, after many failed attempt, the Federal Government finally gave in and released Dasuki and Sowore. It could be recalled, both men were bailed by the court, but the central government defiled all court orders to release these men.

After much protest from home and abroad, and after some congressional hearing from the United State of America, the proverbial snakes got loosed. Dasuki was held on a-2 billion dollar defense contract, which saw a lot of sharp practices and corruption.


While Sowore, a flag bearer of the Africa Action Congress (AAC), was accused of planning a politically demonstration against a democratically elected government of Mr. Buhari. Both of them met bail requirement, but denied freedom until 23th of December

Border Closure

The nation woke-up to see all land borders with Chad, Niger, Benin, Cameroon and Togo closed. The government known for her hostile policies closed the borders, to prevent ban goods in to the country, a move applauded and supported by many.

In her bid to drive to be self-reliant, sufficient and productive, in commodity such as rice, the entrance gates of goods were all closed. The resultant effect saw the price of rice and other food items sky-rocketed.

However, the many local producers are smiling to the bank, and our local produced are now widely consumed and cherished. Nonetheless, the government is in serious talks with the border countries, to curtail smuggling.


If things go as planned, the border would be re-opened in the wee months of 2020. Agreements and trade deals were in the final stage, to see movement of goods in and out within ECOWAS states in line with WTO recommendation. 

A Fight against Corruption Yielded Fruit-Orji Uzor Kalu Jailed

The anti-corruption drive of the Federal Government yielded fruit, the first biggest catch was the formal governor of Abia State and a serving senator of the Federal Republic. Mr. Orji Uzor Kalu met his water-loo in a 7.2 Billion naira fraudulent deal, when he was a governor.

Orji Uzor Kalu aka OUK, got 12 years behind bar. A positive accolade in the fight against corruption, the government of Mr. Buhari came into power with a zero tolerance on corruption. RELATEDhttps://myeduproject.com.ng/primary-and-secondary-education-issues-in-rural-areas-yet-to-be-addressed

Anyone caught in corruption and bribery will face the full wrath of the law, in his right words, Mr. buhari declared to be “for no one and for everybody”. Many past and present politicians are in the EFCC’s net; sooner or later their case would be decided    

Terrorism Defeated

The year saw a further defeat against Boko Haram and other related terror activities.  Boko haram, a dreaded Islamic sect, responsible for the death of tenth of thousands of people in the North Eastern part of the nation, is now a thing of the past.

Nigerian Armed Forces has totally suppressed and pushed the sect to isolation. However, there are some minor attacks on civilians and military check point. All celebrations including festive periods are free from bomb blast.

Nigeria is safe for foreigners, for the first time in a long time, according to the United State. The nation saw thousands of refugees returning to their villages. Farmers and herders clash has calmed. 

The security agencies have successively contained threats to the nation.

Massive Human Capital and Infrastructural Development

There are massive employment and construction activities; the federal government is willing to develop all facets of the nation. The government contracted major roads to many contractors. Huge employment opportunities is now available for jobless people.

So money federal and states roads are under construction and renovation, the APC administration promised to build world class infrastructure in the roads are receiving the needed attention. SEE https://myeduproject.com.ng/choosing-a-project-topic-complete-guide-for-excellent-topics

There are massive employment opportunities in the Agricultural, Industrial, ICT and Construction sectors, the government had create investment opportunities in the above sectors.


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